Welcome to STARR . . . the new wills and probate replacement for CAF. This system went live July 9, 2018. The CAF system has been taken down.

First Time Use - Reset Password

If you previously had access to CAF, your account information was migrated over to our new Probate system, STARR. In order to access STARR for the first time, you must reset your password.

Here are the instructions to reset your password.

To reset your password, we must have a valid email on file. If you attempt to reset your password and do not recieve an email from noreply@arlingtonva.us within one hour, check your junk folder(s). If you are still unable to locate the email, contact the Probate office for additional support.

Searching STARR

Please review the Searching STARR guide to understand how to search Probate records in STARR.

Arlington Circuit Court’s Land Records and Probate Offices Will be Taking the CAF System Offline November 2.
Remote access users will need to utilize ROAM and/or STARR to access land records and probate information and images. We strongly encourage current CAF subscribers to migrate to ROAM https://landrec.arlingtonva.us/public/ for land records information and to STARR https://starr.arlingtonva.us/ for probate information prior to November 2nd.
Please contact Robin Baxter at rbaxter@arlingtonva.us or 703-228-4369 with questions about this change, including about how to enroll as a subscriber for ROAM and/or STARR.

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